The Book

Now available, $12.99 (plus s+h)

Table of Contents

High Carb Diet – complete story

The Main Thing is Not to Panic

Sucking Ass Bigtime

I Try My Hand at Comedy

A Different Cal Thomas – sample

The Approaching Black Void – complete story

The All-Mighty Three-Legged Race
to The Boot Extractor

Cold Dead Hands – sample

Lily’s Lube Job

Margaret, Mike, and The Mousetraps – complete story

Cat Person

Pickled Beets

A Short Dissertation on The Green
and The Slimy

Dex Needs His Specs

Viagra is Not a Recreational Drug

New White Girlfriend

We’ll Call Him Fred The Head

First Interstate Bank Between Walgreens
and Dana Dental Arts

Four Twenty – sample

Screaming at a Wall

I Know What Holds The Most Beauty

One Response to The Book

  1. I WANT THIS BOOK! But I have a Nook. It should be available in eBook format!!

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