Good morning, everyone! Today, I am going down to visit my mom. It’s Saturday with nice weather, so what the hell. I feel like taking a drive.

That’s her in the picture, very happy on her birthday at the end of this last summer. I vandalized the picture to make it look like she’s a serial killer because I am a loving son that possesses a twisted sense of humor. In reality, my mom is not a serial killer, but an accountant/pianist. I love her anyway, though.

This was taken at the bar where the family gathered to celebrate. Even though it was late August, it was chilly. Custer is way up in the hills, the highest town in South Dakota, both in terms of elevation and marijuana. It’s even higher than Deadwood, which I guess they made a tv show about or something.

That thing wrapped up in plastic is unfortunately not a slashed-up, partially dismembered corpse, but a piece of musical equipment. My family is very musical, except for me. The only thing I can play is the iPod.

Everybody have a good weekend. Ciao bella!

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