The Wax Bananas ~ Mexican Leisure Suit

“On a rainy day, put your socks in the fridge and watch the tractors go by…”

Allow me a proud papa moment….

So my son’s band is now being played on the radio in Minneapolis, which is like a real city far away from here. People actually live in Minneapolis, like, more than a few dozen. Holy shit. It’s not just some small station either, but Radio K, one of the biggest rock stations in the Twin Cities.

Fuckin’ A.

This is an old song and I’m pretty sure I posted it before, but, alas, I don’t have any of the new stuff yet on my computer. Here’s their bandcamp page for some free songs if you’re of a mind.

News: They go into the studio at the end of this month. Also, they will be playing their first show far away from home in Missoula, Montana—ahem—Joanna.

Thanks for indulging me 🙂

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