Sporadically throughout the month I will go to the post office and check my mail. It’s usually just bills and I simply throw those away. People have been trained to think that bad credit is a bad thing. Weird.

This time around, I actually got something I wanted to keep, something I took back out to the car with me, something I even took clear home. My package from Jade Bos.

Who’s stoked? This girl.

I wrote a blurb for Jade’s new book and so I got a free a copy, as well as the official book t-shirt (pictured), the official book post cards, and the official book plastic vampire teeth. Jade himself created the artwork in the book, on the postcards, and on the t-shirt, plus he even grew the cotton and weaved the t-shirt using his own two hands. He lives in the south, you see. I am also pretty sure he carved the plastic vampire teeth out of an actual plastic vampire tree.

I was being facetious in the blurb, unlike I’m being now, but I did enjoy the book. It’s silly with a dark silly side. I giggled, tittered, chuckled, and guffawed, like I was some sort of comic book character. When I was done reading it, I sat the book down on the nightstand with a ker-plunk!

Prance on over to Hookers or Cake, Jade’s website, but only if your dildo is poised at the ready.

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