Little doll says “Ok, crazy bitch.”

Manufactured exclusively for Toys R Us by China, which manufactures everything not only for Toys R Us, but the entire United States, the doll has become controversial among really bored white people, who hilariously see it as a threat to their children.

Toys R Us contends that their customers are hearing things.

“You know that Electronic Voice Phenomena crap those stupid ghosts shows do?” said Toys R Us spokeswoman Jennifer Albueno. “It’s along those lines.”

Pauline Davison, a grandmother, disagreed. “I’m stunned … There’s no mistake about it. The baby does use the B-word that ends in H,” Davis said. “I’m so glad I didn’t give it to my little granddaughter, whose life, no doubt, would have been utterly destroyed.”

There are no plans to remove the dolls from store shelves, thankfully, because, you know, how fucking awesome is this?

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