My meads, hanging out in a corner of the basement. The nearest one is Lemon-cent, which I documented here on Tumblr Friday before last. I call it Lemon-cent because it’s scented with lemon—I made a tisane of lemon-zest and slices and added it to the must. The one behind it I threw together tonight. I call it Orange-cent—made the same way as Lemon-cent except with a clementine! It’s extremely likely that I won’t pick up lemon and orange flavors directly in the final product. They will most likely work like seasoning. The one in front, the Lemon-cent, is just about done, sitting at around 5% alcohol. I want it around 6% or maybe 7%. I make my mead like beer, not wine, and it is slightly sweet, fizzy, and yummy. Plus, it won’t knock you on your ass (unless you drink the whole gallon, which HAS happened to me). Fuckin A.

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