So Time’s Person of The Year is ‘The Protester’. Time magazine, of course, is irrelevant. Does anyone actually read it besides the people who work for it? I’m fairly convinced that nobody really reads anything anymore. They just scan it, just like you are probably scanning this, saying to yourself “Is this a liberal or a conservative article? I need to know so I can be either for it or against it.”

You silly Americans, convinced that there are only two ways.

Anyway, probably the only time Time is relevant is when they come up with their stupid Person of The Year cover. I guess there’s an accompanying article inside the magazine, but I’m not going to read it and neither are you.

Don’t lie.

Controversy always goes along with the POTY, for some strange reason. There’s always a pile of really bored people somewhere thinking it should’ve been someone else. This year, lots of people think it should’ve been Steve Jobs. They are under the misapprehension that he was a great, groundbreaking man when really he was just an adept seller and designer of gizmos and gadgets. He also wallowed in money like a pig in slop and never gave anything to charity.

Nope, this year it’s The Protester, even though the one on the cover is a complete fabrication. There’s a real person that the cartoon Muslim is based on. A woman. An American. An Occupier. It even says 99% on the cloth around her face she’s wearing to minimize the effects of potential pepper spray.

Why Time Islamified her, I’m not sure, but I bet a good solid Mitt Romney ten grand that it’s to frighten stupid people into buying a copy.

“Ooooh!” say the stupid people. “A SCARY, SCARY Muslim! An Islamist! Look, you can see the Sharia Law in the eyes!”

And they pull out some money and buy it, forever clueless as to why the world hates them.

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