Dreaming along with a tv show

It’s always very weird when I do this. I’m not really sleeping, just deeply dozing, and my dreams mingle with what’s going on in the tv show. Just now, I was dozing on the couch with a Mythbusters dvd in. It was the one where where they raised a sunken ship with nothing but ping pong balls.

It turns out I came up with this idea. We were all flying back from Japan on a commercial jet. Jamie and Adam were sitting in one seat, Tori and Kari in another, and me and Grant in a third. Why I wasn’t sitting with Kari is beyond me. We were talking, me and Grant, about the filming of our next episode, which we’d begin shooting just as soon as we got back to San Francisco. Jamie and Adam were going to raise a sunken ship using a unique means: balloons. They were going to fill up thousands of balloons with air, put them in the ship as it rested on the seabed, and see if it would float to the top.

I expressed concern to Grant. “Won’t a lot or even most of the balloons pop? I mean, there’s a lot of sharp stuff in that old ship, not to mention all the pressure. I don’t think it’s going to work.”

“Yeah,” said Grant. “That’s a really good point.”

“Personally, I think ping pong balls would work better,” I told him.

He was silent for a minute and then excused himself to go to the bathroom. Later, after we landed, I found out that Jamie and Adam had scrapped the balloons for—guess what?—ping pong balls! I was excited despite not getting any credit for the idea. Not only didn’t I get any credit, no one was even talking to me or acknowledging my existence.

The next thing I knew the Great Ping Pong Ball Experiment was underway. I was standing on the pier watching it all go down, sipping Anchor Steam beer in the salt air and happy to have such interesting friends.

Then my phone rang.

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