Text for the press release-style gig announcement I prepared for the Wax Bananas. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled due to the club owner’s incarceration. On December 6 they’ll be opening for the Queers. Hopefully that show is still on. Anyway:


Rapid City— On November 23, a terrible mistake will be made and The Wax Bananas, a punk rock band from Spearfish, will be allowed to play in Rapid City—right in front of people and everything. The “show” begins at 8 pm at the Skullets DIY music venue, located at 157 1/2 E. Main North St.

The band, comprised of Hadrian Kindt, Steven Cady, and Adam Mundorf, has been together for about a year and has, for completely inexplicable reasons, garnered a following of people who actually like their music, despite the fact that it isn’t even remotely Hip Hop.

“I have no idea how they did it,” said Spearfish teen Mandy Baggadix, as she bobbed her head vacuously to Taylor Swift. “Do you realize they actually make music with guitars and drums? Bizarre.”

The Wax Bananas have performed publicly several times before, due in every case to a lack of foresight and initiative on the part of local officials. Their most recent “show” occurred on Halloween at Black Hills State University, where there was an unsubstantiated report of a person applauding. That performance was recorded and the tape turned over to Homeland Security.

Kyle Deuschnozzle, a spokesman for the Rapid City Mayor’s office said there is very little that can be done regarding The Wax Bananas. “Terrorism comes in many forms, but it’s not always clear cut. Since there are no laws yet in place to handle this type of behavior, our hands are tied.” He then sighed dramatically and resumed praying.

For now, it looks as though the “show” will go on.

The music

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