Immanuel Kant, or “Immanny” as he was known down at the bar, says that we do not have a clear picture of reality. Everything we see, hear, touch, and taste is filtered, coming as it does into our knowledge through our sense organs. Even space and time are simply attributes we apply to the external world to make it graspable. The function of space, for example, is to break up reality into manageable chunks, which we call objects or “things”. Without space, we would be overwhelmed and would experience external reality all at once. Space, then, is merely a tool employed by our sense organs and is not something that exists outside of us. The same goes for time. Without time, we would experience external reality—the past reality, the present reality, and the future reality—all at once. It, too, is simply an “app” dividing reality up into pieces so that it can be experienced without confusion. Space and time are WITHIN, not without. There is a reality but it is unreachable to us in and of itself. Reality for us is merely a reflection, a shadow….a sensation.

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