I’m Les and I’m part of the 99%, even though I’m completely clueless.

I think America is the best fucking country in the world. I drive a pick-up truck and eat at McDonald’s everyday. I can’t believe a black guy got into the White House. What, did they forget to lock the doors? Oh, well, at least he’s very well-spoken. I hate the fucking libs and wished they’d all move away to Communist Russia, even though, I guess, it doesn’t exist anymore. If you don’t like America get out, that’s what I say. I’m a hard-rocking, down to earth guy who likes to party hard and bang chicks. I hate fags, queers, and gays, and when I found out about Rob Halford, I took all my Judas Priest tapes upstairs and told my mom to throw them away. Someday, I’ll be in a band and get more ass than a toilet seat. Until then, I’ll be down here in the basement melting faces I can only see in my head. Fuck yeah.

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