Every Little Bit Helps: Obama’s Plan To Destroy The Wealthy

In Buddhism, there is a thing called ‘Dana-Paramita’. It is one of the six paramitas, or perfections, one must practice to achieve enlightenment. The other five aren’t as cool, so I won’t bother you with those, but Dana-Paramita is generosity or charity. It is the offering of help to those less fortunate, and of the six, it is listed first. It’s number one.

Charity was also an important part of authentic Christianity, which has all but died out in here the West, having been replaced with spiritually empty formalism and self-righteous judgmentalism.

The virtue of charity is not gone entirely from the American psyche, however. All of us, even those Libertarians whose parents actually hugged them as children, still feel that tug in our hearts when a fellow human being is suffering. Many of us even reject our ideologies and/or ideologies pretending to be religions and hearken unto it, offering help.

That’s why I beseech you reading this to open your wallets and share some of your good fortune with Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana. Like many Americans, Mr. Fleming is having a rough go of it. He revealed on MSNBC recently that “after I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left.”

Like you, I, too, was taken aback that he had exposed such a personal and embarrassing financial fact about himself. And on national tv, no less. At first, I thought maybe he was drunk, but that couldn’t be. He’s a Christian, albeit a modern one.

What it was, my friends, was nothing less than a cry for help. He may not have intended it, he may not have planned it, but that’s what it was. Sometimes, when luck and circumstance conspire to force us to eek out a living in the gutter, our emotions get the better of us.

He was arguing against Obama’s heartless proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy when he slipped and said this. I didn’t crunch the numbers, but can you imagine if the amount he was left with was actually reduced to something like $380,000? How, I ask you, would he ever cope?

These are sad days in America when we are forced to demand help from the small group of people chosen by God to have all the money. Sad days, indeed.

Mr. Fleming’s life will not be the only one utterly ruined by having to share with the less fortunate. Ted Turner’s will, too. On Bloomberg, Mr. Turner was talking about the difficulties a billionaire would have giving away half his money. “That’s only $500,000,000 left. It’s hard to afford a jet plane at that level,” he told the interviewer.

I think I speak for all Americans when I say there is nothing more embarrassing than forcing a nobleman to mingle with peasants on a cramped airplane he himself doesn’t own.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.

That’s why I am here today, asking you to open your hearts and give. I googled Ted Turner, hoping to find an address, but no luck. I did find a way for you to send money to Mr. Fleming, though. It’s flemingforcongress.com.

Please, find it in your heart to put that address in your browser, get out your credit card, and give what you can to help this poor, poor man who only has $400,000 left. It’s the right thing to do.

Together, we can make the nightmare a dream come true.

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