Go green with homebrew
What tastes better than a glass of cold beer after a long day? How about a glass of cold organic beer you brewed yourself? A money saver and fun DIY project for the whole family (or at least the 21-and-up members of the family), making beer at home is a satisfying and delicious pastime. Not surprisingly, home brewing also offers several compelling environmental advantages over buying your ale from the store.

Most states don’t have laws saying you have to be 21 to brew beer legally. Also, even if you’re not an environmentalist, it’s still awesome to drink a beverage that you can actually say you made yourself and it’s a fun hobby as well

I couldn’t agree more. I have been brewing for years now, since like 2005 or something. Mead is really easy to brew (honey, water, yeast) but takes a long time to smooth out…a minimum of 6 months. Beer is awesome. You can do it in a matter of weeks. Get some organic malt extract and go to town. Nothing is more satisfying than copping a buzz I built myself.

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