Rick Perry: Same Suit, Different Head? Let’s Hope

I have never heard of Rick Perry until recently. He was just another politician saying politician-like things, i.e., lies, patronizing. To be perfectly frank, I never really paid any mind to politics at all. Oh, maybe now and again, but never with any consistency. Politics seems like feng shui to me, which is to say, bogus and ineffective. Congress changes, presidents change, nothing else really changes. They’re all just shifting actors reading from the same tired script on top of the same dilapitated stage. Following politics is like being wrapped up in a football game and expecting it to change the world off the field of play. When the final score is tallied and your voice is lost from screaming, you still have to leave the stands, find your car, and drive home to the same old crap.

Mr. Perry got all up in my radar when he threw that prayer rally thing a while ago. Called The Response, the Christians-only rally was a deliberate blurring of the lines between church and state, which annoys me to no end. Also, the American Family Association, a hate group that focuses on Muslims and homosexuals, was closely involved in the event. I found it stomach-turning and astounding that a major politician would associate himself with such an ugly group of “people” right out in public.

Perry, it seems, is more than just a photo-op with a pulse spewing lines provided by his biggest financial donors. He is a creep.

Things get even creepier when you discover his ties to Dominionism, a fascistic movement present in many Christian churches—and by Christian I mean in name only, of course. This movement is striving to eliminate separation of church and state, and set up a theocracy by a so-called “Christian” government.

The particular wing of Dominionism Perry plays patty-cake with is the Texas-based New Apostolic Reformation, a fundamentalist cult that pretends to be Christian but is, in reality, as harsh and judgmental as the fictitious Old Testament god it lies and says it worships. They are completely pharisaic in their approach to the Bible and are about as un-Christ-like as you can get. No surprise really. All right-wing religious whack jobs are.

Two messengers from god visited Perry on September 28, 2009 while he sat in the governor’s office in Austin, Texas. They came in the form of Tom Schlueter and Bob Long, pastors from the New Apostolic Reformation. They told him of god’s plan for Texas, how it was to be the ‘prophet state’, how it would lead the nation back to godly government and religious revival. They told him that he, Governor Perry, would play a special role in this (as President). Perry asked the two messengers to pray over him, and they laid their hands on him and did so, probably loudly.

I learned other weird things about him, too, like how he invested in porn back in the 90s by buying stock in Movie Gallery, a company that distributed such classics as ‘Teens Never Say No’ and ‘Bisexual Barebacking Vol. 1’. This apparent hypocrisy shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Perry is not a real Christian. He just plays one on tv, like all the Republican candidates.

Or does he?

Anyway, the porn thing doesn’t freak me out as much as the cult thing. Actually, it doesn’t freak me out at all. In the interests of full disclosure, I love me some porn. In fact, I have some open over on another tab at this very moment and am even typing this one-handed.

To me, politicians are all the same. Some are crazier than others, more dishonest than others. Some, like Perry, are actually scary, especially if you believe that they have a real capacity to change things. But, yeah, they’re basically all the same.

The eminent Canadian politician Jack Layton, who passed away Monday morning, said “Politics matters, ideas matter, democracy matters—because all of us need to be able to make a difference.” Since Rick Perry is running for President, I have to believe that Mr. Layton was wrong.

I have to or I’ll start screaming.

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