Alexandria, Minn. (KSAX) – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials have been unable to identify a mystery carcass found in Douglas County with certainty, prompting further investigation.

The dead white mammal was spotted this week on a Douglas County road with five claws, dark tufts of hair on its back and head and extremely long toenails.

Roadkill is nothing new for Minnesotans, who drive across their barren, frozen state on highways littered with the squished remains of thousands of animals, many of which were run over accidentally. This creature, however, has people talking.

Lacey Ilse said she was driving near her home on County Road 86, south of Alexandria, when she spotted the mysterious mammal. “We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn’t a dog or a cat, because it didn’t have hair. Well, it had a clump of hair on its head like a mohawk and what looked like a human ear. It was totally freaky.”

Ilse posted pictures of the animal on Facebook, and rumors and speculation took off. “It shot out like wildfire. Everybody was putting it on their Facebook pages, then their friends were putting it on their pages, then their friends were putting it on their pages, and so on and so on” Ilse said inefficiently, displaying a lack of mastery of the word ‘viral’.

Noelle Jones, another Facebooker, sent the pictures to KSAX on Monday, after posting them on her page. KSAX then put the pictures up on its Facebook, and more than 175 comments were posted about the unusual animal in a matter of hours. Guesses range from skunk, badger, wolverine, wolf, even proof of the mythical chupacabra.

Jason Abraham, with the Department of Natural Resources, said he thinks it may be a domestic dog, but still has questions. “The head suggests a canine, very likely a domestic dog. However, the right front foot appears to have five toes, which is not typical for canines. Also, the extremely long toenails are not typical for a canine either. I’m baffled, a bit scared, and will certainly start going to church on Sundays like my wife has been bitching at me to do.”

complete story and video

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