Bell peppers are god’s way of saying, “See. I do to exist, motherfucker.”

Damn, I love these things. I mean, I always knew I was a huge fan, but I realized today that I eat on average one a day. They are on the expensive side, so that means I spend quite a bit of money on these beautiful, delectable things.

Because of the move, I won’t have a garden this year, but I did go out and get a few bell pepper plants. Oddly, each plant cost about as much as a single bell pepper, and each will produce several. Economics 101.

I like to let a few turn bright red and dry out, then pulverize them in my mortar, creating a yummy powder that is earthy, musky, and slightly sweet.

So my pepper plants live in buckets out in the yard and I have fun watering them and moving them around so they stay in full sun. Good times.

This has been a post.

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