So earlier I was trying to go to a rocknroll show and this is what I came across. It was a LONG-ASS train and was CREEPING along. Very slow. Fuck, I could sleep faster than that. So I sat there, playing with myself and taking pictures. Bored.

The show was alright. An enormous ok. It was all metal, hardcore type stuff. Not really my thing. Punk rock makes the world go round, but I sat there and listened to the mechanical, comically speedy riffs and didn’t say a word to the management (who, I learned last time, are on parole for pot).

The crowd was different, too, from last time. These folks were chunkier, well-fed, not the type to shy away from cake, cookies, donuts, or ice cream. The punkers at the last show all looked like they were starving. Not these metal heads.

Could be a local phenomenon.

Anyway. I had a six-pack in my car and kept going out there and nursing like an eager, newborn baby. Frankly, I was a bit bored.

And so concludes Wednesday.

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