Obama One of the Most Successful Commission Creators Ever

As a candidate for president, Barack Obama called study commissions created by politicians “Washington-speak for we’ll get back to you later.”

He mocked his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, for suggesting a commission study the Wall Street meltdown, saying, “We don’t need a commission to tell us how we got into this mess, we need a president who will lead us out of this mess, and that’s the kind of president I intend to be.”

Since taking office, however, President Obama has created over two dozen commissions of his own, roughly one a month. Also called ‘task forces’ or ‘panels,’ the commissions focus not only on economic issues, but childhood obesity, Hispanics, the flow rate of ketchup, and lightbulbs.

Most recently, Obama announced he was creating a commission to investigate whether or not the creation of commissions is a worthwhile task for the president to pursue. “Normally, commissions are created by the president to make it seem like he’s doing something important. This commission will work to determine if that is true or not.”

If it is, Obama promises to double his commission creation, upping it from one new commission a month to two. “When I leave office in January of 2013, I want it said of me, ‘Man, that dude really liked commissions.’”

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