Rising Dragon! China on equal footing with US!

Ahhhhhh! The Drudge Report, a right wing news aggregator site, is always freaking out about how powerful China is getting.

Like, OMG, dude. Fucking China!

Pretty funny.

They build our trinkets and gadgets and gizmos because they do it cheaply. In America, you have to pay a factory worker like 25 bucks an hour.

This country is declining because we want it to. We sold our soul for security and comfort. We turned our back on freedom because freedom is hard. Our government is little more than a symbol, much like the Queen of England. The real power lies with muti-national corporations. Welcome to the 21st Century, the Age of Corporate Feudalism.

We want everything as cheaply as possible. We are cheap people eating cheap, manufactured food devoid of nutrition but full of taste. We are a nation of demanding toddlers. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service or retail (more or less the only jobs left in the US) knows exactly what I’m talking about.

We buy water and then claim we don’t have enough money.

We are cheap and we get what we pay for.

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