Oprah Winfrey recalls eating 30 pounds of Mac-n-Cheese in one sitting.

Oprah Winfrey has 14 billion dollars. She’s owns 3 private jets, a penthouse in Chicago, a lakefront mansion, also in Chicago, a 14-thousand square foot apartment in New York City, and a beachfront mansion in Malibu. She owns a castle in France, called a chateau, has her own tv network, her own magazine, and is expected to buy a ruling interest in the island paradise of Tahiti later this year.
What could bum this All-Being, Master of Time, Space, and Dimension out? Could anything? Yes, absolutely. Oprah recalls the box office dissappointment of her 1998 movie Beloved in a recent interview with Piers Morgan.
“On it’s opening weekend, I heard we got beat by the Bride of Chucky and I was devastated. I collapsed, literally, into a fetal position on the floor.”
For nearly a full hour, Oprah rolled around on the gold-plated tiles of her jewel-encrusted bathroom, sobbing like a little bitch.
“Eventually, I pulled myself together. I got up off the floor and ordered one of my chefs to make me Mac-n-Cheese. It’s always been my ultimate comfort food.”
And she didn’t stop with just one bowl. Again and again, she jabbed the sterling silver button of her solid bronze intercom, ordering more and more Mac-n-Cheese.
“I ate about 30 pounds worth,” Oprah tells Piers. “I’m not even kidding.”

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