Yeah, I’ve been seeing it too, and it’s becoming too much.

I do my damnedest to take out of my lexicon things that are truly offensive. But there are sensible limits. When you police every single thing you say, you end up saying nothing. It becomes fucking “1984” style Newspeak.

I’m so fucking offended. These people don’t fucking know me. I could get fucking disabled stickers for my fucking car right now. I was running a three person household by the time I was fourteen because my mother was physically and cognitively disabled. I GAVE A LECTURE AT MY COLLEGE ON ABLEIST THINKING. And I get outright insulted? For this? Hate to break it to some people, but the progressive moment isn’t an exclusive club and they aren’t its exclusive members.

The “progressive” movement will never get anywhere censoring speech. This is why it never has gotten anywhere, not really. By controlling speech, you are attempting to control thinking and then you’re just another retard fascist fuck.

This is the kind of fake liberal shit I hate.

Words are harmless. Never give your power over to a word. “Nigger” is harmless. All words are just noises. Say a word over and over again and it’s meaning is hollowed out and it sounds funny, like a fart. It’s just noise.

Say what you want and fuck the world.


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