This guy. Holy fuck do I hate him.

First, he bitches out his own kid for wanting to marry a black girl, using all kinds of racial slurs in the process—and gets himself recorded and outed as a punk ass apologizing Nazi. If there’s anything more distasteful to me than a Nazi, it’s one who goes around ‘apologizing’ for it all over the tv like he’s on some sort of a bizarre World Tour of Apology. If’n yer a Nazi, embrace it. You’re a sick fuck, but at least you’re an honest one.

Third, he has a mullet. You can always tell when a guy’s a complete asshole just by looking at him—he either has a mullet or he wears a baseball cap sideways. It’s like having on a snow-white t-shirt with big black printing that reads “I’m a complete asshole”.

And B, he puts people in jail for a living. I don’t care how understanding and caring he pretends to be, if he really cared about people he wouldn’t put them in jail. Oh, and I ain’t fooled by his Look, I’m A Rebel Too uniform. I see right through that stupid homage to rebellious conformity.

You, ladies and gentleman of Tumblr, are looking at Fuckhead Made Flesh.

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